Fabric Expansion Joint Applications


Fabric Expansion Joint Applications. Fabric Expansion Joints are used to take up vibration and thermal expansion in air & flue gas duct systems.
As a guide, all applications can be divided into general categories based on media composition (Air or Gas), temperature and pressure.

Expansion Joints

Clean Air Systems (-40 to +200c) (+/-50 kpa)
Single layer expansion joint material such as coated fabrics, plastics, fluoropolymers and fluoro elastomers with options to be reinforced with a fabric / polester fibre material. Suitable for heating and ventilation systems, fans and conveyors.

Air & Flue Gas Systems (-35 to +575c) (+/-50kpa)
Multi layers consisting of various densities and strengths of glass fabric and thermal glass insulation layer. A gas tight layer of PTFE foil with external layer of silicone coated fabric or alternatively with gas tight layer of reinforced PTFE laminate / coating. Construction arrangement is determine by temperature, pressure, medium and system movements. Suitable for Power Plants, Cement, Smelters and Refineries.

Hot Flue Gas Systems (-35 to + 1000c) (+/-50kpa)
Again multi layer construction ulitilisng robust high strength glass fabric layers with thermal glass insulation layer. To provide strength & stability and temperature resistance a layer of stainless steel wire mesh & bands is placed on the gas side. External protection with a layer of durable and strong PTFE based laminate. For very hot applications such as Smelters and Furnaces.

Depending on the application operating conditions the bolster can be made up from different material combinations: outers layers of various types of glass fabrics and stainless steel wire mesh and internal fillers of eiither or combination of loose glass insulation and glass felt layers. Bolsters provide protection to the fabric expansion joint from thermal temperature, dust particles and pulsations