Leakage Rubber Bellow

It is most important to determine where the leak originated prior to implementing any corrective action. If leakage or weeping is occurring from any surface of the expansion joint, except where flanges meet, replace the joint immediately. If leakage occurs between the mating flange and the expansion joint flange, tighten all bolts. If this is not successful, turn off the system pressure, loosen all flange bolts and then re-tighten bolts in stages by alternating around the flange. Make sure there are washers under the bolt heads, particularly at the split in the retaining rings. There should be no gap at the retaining ring split. Remove the expansion joint and inspect both rubber flanges and pipe mating flanges for damage and surface condition. Repair or replace as required. Also, make sure the expansion joint is not over elongated as this can tend to pull the joint flange away from the mating flange resulting in leakage. If leakage persists, consult SilverFox
Root causes include: Under torqued bolts, irregular sealing surface (optimal mating surface is full face flat flanges); over extension and chemical attack by the media.
Corrective action; tighten the bolts to the manufacturers torque recommendations. Change to proper design and chemically compatible material. Measure the face to face dimension prior to replacement.