Pressure Balanced & Universal Expansion Joints

Metal Expansion Joints

Metal Expansion Joint

Silverfox can custom design and supply various types of expansion joints based on

your needs and requirements of the system. Some commonly used expansion joints are:

Universal Expansion Joint

Universal expansion joints are used where axial movement is larger than can be absorbed by a single

expansion joint. The universal expansion joint assembly consists of two single expansion bellows

connected by intermediate pipe. Universal expansion joints can also be used used where large amount

of movement in any combination (axial, lateral and angular rotation) is required which cannot be absorbed by a

single expansion joint.


Piping Expansion Joints

Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint

Elbow Pressure Balanced expansion joints are designed to absorb axial and /or lateral deflection

while continuously restraining the pressure force. Balance (out of line) bellows creates an equal

and opposite force to the working (in line) bellows The typical arrangement as shown is to have a

balance side and a working side separated by an elbowed mid-section. Tie rods are used to

balance and restrain pressure forces.


Additional Types of Expansion Joints available from SilverFox

  • Gimbal Expansion Joint
  • Hinge Expansion Joint
  • In-line Pressure Balance Expansion Joint
  • Externally Pressurized Expansion Joint
  • Pantograph Linkage Expansion Joint
  • Two-Ply Testable Expansion Joint
  • Jacketed Expansion Joint