Rubber Expansion Joints Applications

Rubber12Rubber expansion joints provide time-tested ways to accommodate pressure loads, relieve movement stresses, reduce noise, isolate vibration, compensate for misalignment after plants go on stream and prolong life of motive equipment. Rubber expansion joints, designed by engineers and fabricated by skilledĀ  craftsmen, are used in all systems conveying fluids under pressure and/or vacuum at various temperatures.

  • Air Conditioning, heating and ventilating systems in commercial, and institutional buildings, schools, apartments, stores, hospitals, motels, hotels and ships.
  • Central and ancillary power-generating stations in communities, factories, buildings and aboard ships.
  • Sewerage disposal and water treatment plants.
  • Process piping in paper & pulp, chemical, primary metal and petroleum refining plants.

Careful selection of the expansion joint design and material for a given application, as well as properly engineered installation are important factors in determining performance. These factors should be fully evaluated by every person selecting and applying expansion joints for any application.