Fabric Expansion Joints

Fabric Expansion JointsSilverFox Fabric Expansionbuy essays online Joints Australia, are Non-Metallic and are used for absorbing movements between joining connections in gas conveying ducts and pipe-lines. The movements can be caused by thermal expansion of the ducting/pipe system, wind conditions or vibrations from other system components or machines. In addition, SilverFox fabric expansion joints can serve as seals and write essay compensate for installation misalignment.

Operating Limits:

  • Dimensions any size or shape can be supplied.
  • Temperature range: -50c to +1000c
  • Pressure: -50 kPa to + 50 kPa.
  • Medium: dry, wet & aggressive.


Applications:Fabric Expansion Joint 2

  • For clean air systems.
  • For flue gas with low acid content.
  • For flue gas with high acid content.
  • For optimal resistance against chemical attack or high pressure.
  • For flue gas with dust loads


Product Types:

  • Multi Layered Fabric Expansion Joints
  • Insulation Bolsters.
  • Single Layer. (fabrics, plastics and Fluoroelastomers)
  • Fluor plastics. (PTFE, FEP and PFA.)
  • Fire Seals.Fabric Expansion Joint 3
  • Insulation Blankets


Scope of Supply:

Fabric Joints and Bolsters can be supplied endless or open ended.

  • Steel parts such as backing flanges and sleeves.
  • Preassembled unit assembly. (Fabric, bolster and steel frame.)
  • Service – supervision, installation and inspections.
  • Technical and engineering support.
  • Refurbish fabric expansion joint unit assembly.


Industrial Applications:Fabric Expansion Joint 4

  • Coal & Gas Fired Power Plants
  • Gas Turbines
  • Cement Plants
  • Steelworks
  • Smelters
  • Metallurgical Processes
  • Oil & Gas Plants
  • Paper Industry
  • Chemical & Fertiliser Plants
  • Food Beverage
  • Marine

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