Fabric Expansion Joints

Fabric Expansion JointsSilverFox Fabric Expansion Joints Australia, are Non-Metallic and are used for absorbing movements between joining connections in gas conveying ducts and pipe-lines. The movements can be caused by thermal expansion of the ducting/pipe system, wind conditions or vibrations from other system components or machines. In addition, SilverFox fabric expansion joints can serve as seals and compensate for installation misalignment.

Operating Limits:

  • Dimensions any size or shape can be supplied.
  • Temperature range: -50c to +1000c
  • Pressure: -50 kPa to + 50 kPa.
  • Medium: dry, wet & aggressive.


Applications:Fabric Expansion Joint 2

  • For clean air systems.
  • For flue gas with low acid content.
  • For flue gas with high acid content.
  • For optimal resistance against chemical attack or high pressure.
  • For flue gas with dust loads


Product Types:

  • Multi Layered Fabric Expansion Joints
  • Insulation Bolsters.
  • Single Layer. (fabrics, plastics and Fluoroelastomers)
  • Fluor plastics. (PTFE, FEP and PFA.)
  • Fire Seals.Fabric Expansion Joint 3
  • Insulation Blankets


Scope of Supply:

Fabric Joints and Bolsters can be supplied endless or open ended.

  • Steel parts such as backing flanges and sleeves.
  • Preassembled unit assembly. (Fabric, bolster and steel frame.)
  • Service – supervision, installation and inspections.
  • Technical and engineering support.
  • Refurbish fabric expansion joint unit assembly.


Industrial Applications:Fabric Expansion Joint 4

  • Coal & Gas Fired Power Plants
  • Gas Turbines
  • Cement Plants
  • Steelworks
  • Smelters
  • Metallurgical Processes
  • Oil & Gas Plants
  • Paper Industry
  • Chemical & Fertiliser Plants
  • Food Beverage
  • Marine

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