Expansion joints and connectors

SilverFox Enterprises is a highly respected market leader in engineering and technical sales of standard and hi-quality metal expansion joints, fabric expansion joints, rubber expansion joints, flexible metal hoses, dismantling joints, pipe coupling connectors and other related pipe and duct system products and services

The expertise and ingenuity of the company allow Silver Fox Enterprises to produce and sell standard and high quality products including:



Silverfox offers an all inclusive service for these products to various industry users including on site consultation and inspections, product proposals, sales, repairs, refurbishment and much more.

Many Quality controls and Quality assurance tests are performed on all SilverFox products ensuring that the products are of the highest quality and have achieved superior durability.

Silverfox is about flexibility in doing business and meeting the customer’s needs by proposing technically compliant products at cost effective solutions that exceeds the customer’s expectations. Our qualified and experienced industry professionals interact and provide clients with logical and practical ways of tackling any related obstacle that the client may have.