Metal Expansion Joints

SilverFox Metal Expansion Joints Australia offers a full range of Metallic Flexible Bellows of Stainless Steel, Incoloy, Inconel, Hastelloy, Titanium & Special Material constructions. Containing one or more metal bellows used to absorb dimensional changes such as those caused by thermal expansion or contraction of a pipe-line, duct or vessel and rotating equipment.

Metallic Expansion Joints

Operating Limits:

  •  Dimensions from Dia 15mm to 5000mm.
  •  Temperature Range: -200c up to 1400c.
  •  Pressure: Full Vacuum to + 14,000 kPa.
  •  Engineered to meet Clients Operating Conditions.


  •  For Piping Systems.
  •  For Tank & Vessel Connections.
  •  Metal Expansion Joints 2For Pump, Fan, Blower, Vacuum and Compressor Connections.
  •  For Steam and Turbine Connections.
  •  For Boiler & Furnace Connections.

Product Types:

  •  Single or Multi Ply Single or Dual Metal Expansion Joint.
  •  Gimbal Expansion Joint.
  •  Hinge Expansion Joint
  •  In-line Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint.
  •  Expansion Joints with Two-Ply Testable Bellows.
  •  Metal Expansion Joints 3Custom Engineered Types.

Scope of Supply:

  •  Bellows with One or more Convolutions.
  •  Flow Liner and External Cover Protection.
  •  Weld End, Flange and Vanstone End Connections
  •  Collar, Reinforcing Rings, and Equalizing Rings.
  •  Control Rods, Limit Rods & Tie Rods.
  •  Service – Supervision, Installation, Site Surveys & Repairs.
  •  Technical, Documentation and Engineering Support.

Metal Expansion Joints 4Industrial Applications:

  • Coal & Gas Fired Power Plants.
  •  Cement Plants.
  •  Steelworks & Smelters.
  •  Metallurgical Processes.
  •  Oil & Gas Plants.
  •  Paper Industry.
  •  Chemical & Fertiliser Plants
  •  Food & Beverage.
  •  Desalination Plants.
  •  Sewerage & Waste and Water Plants.   Ph: 0448 889 914